Milx NFTs 101

3 min readDec 3, 2020


Hi! You’re probably here from my giveaway tweet! Thanks for participating!

About myself
I am a student from Singapore who re-creates Yu-Gi-Oh! cards as Non-Fungible Token (NFT) artworks. As a kid I stared longingly at my cards, wishing the monsters depicted in the art would move just like in the anime. Fast forward to 2020, and technology has allowed me to re-create the original artworks that other great artists have made before me, as well as bring life to these cards by animating them into gifs.

The finest collection of Yu-Gi-Oh! inspired art! Pssss… they’re animated too!

I like to take pride in my art (Even if most of my stock hasn’t been sold 😂). Art is art, and I could just wait for people to buy them, but where’s the fun in that?

After much brainstorming, I present to you.. the tokenomics behind my NFT artworks! With my products, I wanted to reward people who bought my art, and at the same time, I wanted the cards to represent Yu-Gi-Oh! properly in the way they function.

What?! Why is The Winged Dragon of Ra a ball?

Let’s talk about two mechanics to make art fun. First is subscription-based artwork. For the year 2021, you must own at least one copy of each Egyptian god card- Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon and The Winged Dragon of Ra to enjoy free event-based art airdrops. In the diagram above, I have listed some examples of events (but this list is not exhaustive) where I might create special Yu-Gi-Oh! art that is related to the event. These will be limited in the amount minted and worth money, but as a hodler of the mighty Egyptian god trio you will be rewarded all year. Think of this like a DeFi yield farm, except that you’re farming NFTs which can be potentially very valuable (yes I just shilled myself 😅). Hodl my NFTs to get.. you guessed it, more NFTs!

For now, the plan is to introduce new trios of cards that give this subscription-based effect each year, so after 2021 the Egyptian god cards will lose this special mechanic. This is to make it fair for other buyers who may not have gotten the Egyptian god cards that year.

Yes, this conversation really happened in John Wick

The second mechanic I introduce is fusion. This is similar to the original Yu-Gi-Oh! card game where certain monsters could only be summoned through combining or sacrificing other cards. If you go to my rarible profile, you will see the classic Blue-Eyes White Dragon on sale. While it’s just an art piece on its own, owning 3 copies and burning the third will reward buyers with a copy of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. This is an example of the fusion mechanics in play, which allows me to make things fun by giving art that isn’t typically on sale. How’s that for exclusive art pieces 😎

You stole my card, and you killed my dog!

Future Plans
For now the plan is simple. Make artwork. Sell artwork. Make more artwork. Make more mechanics. Sell again.

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Okay okay fine.. since it’s Christmas we’ll do some airdropping related to Christmas. Yes, pure airdropping. No selling at all. I like to give back because I’m t̵h̵i̵c̵c̵ ̵l̵i̵k̵e̵ ̵S̵a̵n̵t̵a a big believer in helping the community. Look out on my twitter for the next giveaway coming real soon.

It’s a complex one, but I promise it’ll be awesome! One artwork for collectors, and one artwork exclusively for artists too! Till next time, where I’ll release the deets on the Christmas event!